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Live by experiences, not objects

Most people pursue happiness.  We know that you cannot buy happiness, but having adequate money eases life’s pressures making you feel happier.  One of the biggest questions we all ask ourselves is how we should allocate our time and money. Most people make a very logical…


6th November, 2015

Risk Perspectives

Cyber Security on the rise…

Last week’s cyber-attack on UK telecoms provider TalkTalk has once again highlighted the critical importance of Cyber Security. Cyber attackers aren’t just interested in large, multinational companies. Small and medium sized enterprises are also coming under increasing threat.  An example of this is the Scottish hairdressing…


6th November, 2015

IC Insights

Investment Review Quarter 3 2015

Market Review of Quarter 3 2015 A torrid August ensured the summer holidays were not as relaxing as most investors had wished. Many of the business pages focussed on China, as markets worried about the effects of the slowing of a $10 trillion economy. In a…

Ashley Brooks

8th October, 2015