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Question the Committee – Summer 2024 Edition

Firstly, a big thanks to everyone who submitted questions. It has been a couple of years since the last Question the Committee though it is fair to say this is the most engagement we have had of any so far. In part this is probably down to the forthcoming General…

The Investment Committee

14th June, 2024

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May Performance Update

The phrase “all-time highs” usually comes with some associated caution. It means a certain investment asset has never been higher in price, and therefore feels a little like you are in unchartered territory. “If this is the highest it has ever been, surely it will fall in price soon?” History…

Alex Chappell

31st May, 2024

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Navigating the maze of student loans: A tale about debt and conundrums

Welcome, fellow scholars, (and of course the parents and grandparents of…) to the grand adventure that is higher education! If you decide University is the right option for you, (and that’s a key decision) I’m a firm believer that the course is more important than the University you choose. One…

Ecaterina Armeanu

17th May, 2024

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April Showers

Since the end of 2022 we have had a positive outlook on investment markets. That was the point of peak fear when inflation had just hit 10% and interest rates were quickly being increased. All markets were struggling to adjust, though we also expected that as those variables came more…

Ashley Brooks

3rd May, 2024

DB News

An Intern’s View

Given the key to our business revolves around people, essentially our team and our clients, we are very keen to involve ourselves each year with the education and development of young people. We are very proud of our graduate development and our apprenticeship schemes, and to this end we are…

Harry Edwards

19th April, 2024

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Q1 Market Review

We entered 2024 on the back of a strong last quarter of performance. Inflation all around the world was on a downward trajectory and we felt that the ‘peak’ of interest rates had been reached. Despite the anticipation at the start of 2023 that the global economy would be fighting…

DB Wood Team

5th April, 2024

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Spring Budget

Heading into this budget, there was an expectation that there would be tax breaks to drum up support ahead of the looming general election. A follow on from the Autumn statement then, which saw National Insurance cut and new initiatives introduced to get more people back into the workforce. Despite…

Harry Edwards

15th March, 2024

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February Performance Update

2023 closed with bond and equity markets moving notably higher on the back of falling inflation data and the prospect of interest rate cuts. This was something we had anticipated would happen earlier in 2023, though our thoughts played out, and the returns we expected all came in somewhat of…

Alex Chappell

1st March, 2024

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The Year of the Election

This year will be the single largest election year in history. Across six continents more than 2.5 billion people will be able to put pen to ballot paper and vote for the future of their country’s policy. It’s a chance for 30% of the world’s population to share their views…

Alex Chappell

16th February, 2024

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January Performance Update

The psychology of markets is not especially consistent. Investors get overly pessimistic when they are worried, and overly excited when newsflow is good. This creates periods where too much of the bad news is reflected in market prices and vice versa. After 18 months of bad inflation and interest rate…

Alex Chappell

2nd February, 2024