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About iAspire

If not now, then when...

The majority of financial planning advice in the UK is aimed at people over 50, looking to plan for retirement and later life. Is it any wonder then, that the younger generation of today dismiss the concept as being something not worth worrying about?
Life is a journey that should be filled with colour, fun and little adventure.
Unfortunately, time passes quickly.
So while it may feel like it’s not important right now, taking some small beginning steps in planning your financial future can secure the big plans you have for your life

Do you have thoughts like these...

“I want to make good financial decisions but don’t know where to start.”
“I have goals, but not sure if I’m making great progress towards them.”
“Am I making the best decisions for a secure future?”
You have begun a successful career and need to start thinking more than a year ahead. You may have set up your own business that’s taking flight quicker than you can keep up. It may even be that you have recently come into a sum of money but don’t have a clue what to do with it.
Even if you’re a combination of all of these but have a less complex financial position….

We want to help you

The iAspire team

We look to become your key financial support, helping you to build and maintain your financial position as effectively as possible. We’ve adapted and lowered our initial costs to make high quality advice more accessible.
100% transparent, no mess, no fuss.

To claim to be leaders in our field would be subjective.
We simply aim to constantly and consistently improve what we do.

About us

DB Wood is a Financial Planning and Investment Management business located in the heart of Newark on Trent. Since our inception in 1976, we have spent a considerable amount of time developing our people and processes, putting clients at the centre of everything we do. 

We aim to provide you with a personal experience as your planning is unique to you. Our aspiration is to work with you over the longer term and as such we strive to drive value and develop our relationship not just at the outset, but over the years ahead, providing you with financial confidence, through clarity and clear direction.

44 Years in business
165 Combined years experience
£600M Assets under management

Our Culture

We aim to offer direction and control by planning for financial security and delivering confidence

People don’t only care what you know they want to know that you care.

We are a people business, delivering confidence through our empathy.

Don’t wish it was easier, strive to be better.

We want to be better in 6 months’ time than we are today. We don’t live in mediocre, we aim to reflect this in the work we produce for you.

Do the right thing.

We operate with integrity and build trust among clients and colleagues through something so simple; doing the right thing.

Excel our virtues.

We constantly look at the value in our propositions and ensure that ‘why’ we do what we do is apparent in the results we produce for you.

We are greater than the sum of our parts.

We are a team; much stronger together than apart. Together, we aim to deliver excellence.

Finally, keep it simple and fun.

We’re aware not everyone gets excited discussing pensions like we do, so we don’t over complicate. We work hard to deliver a service that shows you the fun side of planning.

All you need to know about dbwood and the Finance industry – our services, industry insights, partnerships and events.

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Question the Committee – Summer 2024 Edition

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May Performance Update

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