Discretionary Fund Management We. Are. Different.

Our philosophy is centered around “why” we do what we do, not simply “what” or “how” we do it.

Built around a deep understanding of your industry and supported by a common goal, we aim to grow our DFM proposition through strong relationships based on trust and collaboration. All six model portfolios are constructed to maximise the chance of clients meeting their financial planning goals, offering a journey where risk is always considered first.

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Key MPS Characteristics

Actively managed by our dedicated investment team.

Available through multiple platforms

Simple and transparent fund or funds structures utilising active and passive investment strategies

White-labelled marketing material and unparalleled accessibility

0.33% flat fee

Focussed on Financial Planning objectives, not benchmarks

All you need to know about dbwood and the Finance industry – our services, industry insights, partnerships and events.

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January Performance Update

The psychology of markets is not especially consistent. Investors get overly pessimistic when they are worried, and overly excited when newsflow is good. This creates periods where too much of the bad news is reflected in market prices and vice versa. After 18 months of bad inflation and interest rate…

2nd February, 2024

Blog, IC Insights

Q4 Market Review

2022 was one of the most challenging years for investment returns in recent history. As so often when asset valuations fall significantly, there are some excellent opportunities created, and we spent much of the latter part of 2022 in particular, reshaping our portfolios for 2023. As a result, we felt…

5th January, 2024