Discretionary Fund Management We. Are. Different.

Our philosophy is centered around “why” we do what we do, not simply “what” or “how” we do it.

Built around a deep understanding of your industry and supported by a common goal, we aim to grow our DFM proposition through strong relationships based on trust and collaboration. All six model portfolios are constructed to maximise the chance of clients meeting their financial planning goals, offering a journey where risk is always considered first.

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Key MPS Characteristics

Actively managed by our dedicated investment team.

Available through multiple platforms

Simple and transparent fund or funds structures utilising active and passive investment strategies

White-labelled marketing material and unparalleled accessibility

0.33% flat fee

Focussed on Financial Planning objectives, not benchmarks

All you need to know about dbwood and the Finance industry – our services, industry insights, partnerships and events.

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July Performance Update

Patience has certainly been required so far this year. It is a pre-requisite of investing for the longer term but is also very easy to forget in times of stress. The theory is simple, though we all know that life isn’t a one way ticket, and sometimes putting theory into…

5th August, 2022

IC Insights

Q2 2022 Investment Review

Market Review – Q2 2022 Whilst our general outlook since Q1 has remained positive, the outbreak of the war meant the second quarter was always going to be difficult, simply increasing the pressures to the downside on global growth (as well as the obvious humanitarian effects). Consequently, the big worries…

7th July, 2022