Discretionary Fund Management We. Are. Different.

Our philosophy is centered around “why” we do what we do, not simply “what” or “how” we do it.

Built around a deep understanding of your industry and supported by a common goal, we aim to grow our DFM proposition through strong relationships based on trust and collaboration. All six model portfolios are constructed to maximise the chance of clients meeting their financial planning goals, offering a journey where risk is always considered first.

Key MPS Characteristics

Actively managed by our dedicated investment team.

Available through multiple platforms

Simple and transparent fund or funds structures utilising active and passive investment strategies

White-labelled marketing material and unparalleled accessibility

Competitive investment management charges

Focussed on Financial Planning objectives, not benchmarks

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April Showers

Since the end of 2022 we have had a positive outlook on investment markets. That was the point of peak fear when inflation had just hit 10% and interest rates were quickly being increased. All markets were struggling to adjust, though we also expected that as those variables came more…

3rd May, 2024

Blog, IC Insights

Q1 Market Review

We entered 2024 on the back of a strong last quarter of performance. Inflation all around the world was on a downward trajectory and we felt that the ‘peak’ of interest rates had been reached. Despite the anticipation at the start of 2023 that the global economy would be fighting…

5th April, 2024