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10th November, 2017

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A quick look into 2018 and a charity update…

A quick look into 2018…

We are very proud to be a business that supports a variety of people. Our core service propositions are designed to help people achieve their objectives, and we also work hard to support a chosen group of charities; both local and national.

It has been apparently clear to us that there is a lack of industry support for certain segments of the population; namely young adults, business owners and those with care needs in later life. I hear you say “that’s quite a diverse range of folk” … it is, and they all have quite different needs.

For one, the level of financial education given to the younger generations is desperate. How do I invest? Why am I paying tax? Should I pay off my student loan? What’s the best way to get on the housing ladder? All important questions, but a lack of independent, knowledgeable sources that can help. 

Then we have business owners that often have accountants that don’t look further than this year’s tax-year end. It’s one thing deciding how much salary, dividend and pension contribution to make this year, but how does that set you up for the years ahead? Are you looking to exit your business at some point? In which case, what’s the best way to do so, and what should you have in place now to improve the chances of success.

Finally, we have the general demographic problem; we are getting older as a population and care providers are struggling to keep up. State benefits are a minefield, and often people don’t want to talk about making care provisions until it is too late.

In 2018 we will reset our recurring objectives; strive to further improve our service standards and develop our ever-more proficient team. On top of that though, we are creating bespoke offerings to deal with these specific areas of need. More information will on these propositions will become available through 2018, but if any of this really hits home, don’t be afraid to display your interest.   

Charity Update:

Helping people is the theme of this blog, and as many of you know, we are keen supporters of local community projects. None more so than Newark Rugby Club, which we have proudly sponsored for the past two years.

The club is undertaking a major project to replace its aging clubhouse. The ex-Army wooden building has served the club well for 53 years, but is now, quite literally, falling to pieces. Work is well underway to replace it with a new clubhouse; a modern, larger and well-equipped building that will serve the club and the wider community for the next 50 years or more.

Fundraising efforts have so far brought in enough funds to build and renovate new changing accommodation, a community room, disabled facilities, toilets and offices. A final £47,000 is needed to create a good-quality modern kitchen though. This is crucial to the club’s business model sustainability, as it will allow them to generate income from sporting and non-sporting events.

We’re very keen to get the club the help it deserves, as the local community is very important to us. Newark Rugby Club has been a pillar of the community for 98 years and we think it’s crucial that it goes on for 98 more! Importantly, the club encompasses the needs of all the groups of people we have discussed; teams for the younger generations (430 young members), business sponsorship and family support including that of the elderly.

With our help, the Rugby Club has put in an application to win some funding through the Aviva Community Fund – and you can help them to get it just by voting! With enough votes from friends, family and supporters in this community, the Newark Rugby Club project could be entered into the finals, where a panel of judges will decide who receives much needed funds.

The club already has 2000 members, but is planning to increase sporting participation by 80% over the next 5 years – on the assumption that it manages to complete the rebuilding project.

Voting is open until midday on 21st November 2017 and we would be delighted if you, your family or your friends would vote to improve their chances of winning!  Here is the link to vote….

Click here to vote!