Ashley Brooks

17th May, 2019

DB News

What goes around comes around…

I want to take the time now to thank Graham Hicks as he approaches 35 years of service at DB Wood, during which we have seen incredible change within both our business and our profession. I have personally worked with Graham for more than 25 years. Over this period he has shown an excellent ability to adapt to change and to develop himself professionally. Sometimes change has been driven through regulation; a need to obtain higher professional qualifications, and at other times organisational change has meant Graham has had to apply his own discretionary effort. For example, to develop the skills required to keep pace with technological advancement, whilst continuing to concentrate on his core responsibilities. Throughout this time Graham has been an objective, loyal and committed part of our progressive team at DB Wood.

Graham’s passion has always been driven by his enjoyment of his work. One of our core values at DB Wood is to look after our team, to empower and to support them when things are difficult. These are all simple standards that have helped shape our business. It is partly as a result of this culture that Graham enjoys coming to work – having a strong desire to want to get out of bed each morning is a real bonus in life. As a consequence, I am convinced his positive attitude has led to positive relationship and work outcomes, visible via the respect the team have for him.

It is sad that these qualities are not in abundance everywhere. It seems that too often people within organisations are not valued or supported sufficiently, moreover they are dictated by numbers, through targets, waiting lists, or some other form of numerical analysis. Yet the reality is that if you look after the people in the organisation well, they will be more inclined to look after the end user (client) with greater empathy and a desire to deliver.

Graham has based his career on being honest, objective, caring and loyal. He has an excellent work ethic and is prepared to commit to tasks even when the going gets tough. These are simple but important values. On reflection, they are doubtless, part of the reason  the relationship has worked so well for so long. When I look back on Grahams work legacy, I will remember him as the person that brought me into the business, and who promoted my minimal virtues to the practice, when there were other individuals, with arguable stronger links and claims to the opportunity. It has been an equally fabulous journey for Graham and for DB Wood, one where we can safely say what goes around comes around. Over but not out.