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DFM Area

Our Services.

We offer advice tailored to help you achieve your objectives.

DB Wood are a Financial Planning, Investment Management and Risk Advisory business. We are founded on relationships and trust, employing a team that share in the same values and culture.

Its. Different. Here.

“Protection is not as simple as buying an Insurance policy”

It involves your people, the culture within your team and the growth path of your business. Your internal systems and processes are vital, as is the way you use your property, vehicles and increasingly, technology.

Your business represents an investment of your ideas, time and your money. You work hard each and every day to sustain its place in its market. We look to protect that. Expect pro-active insurance experts that offer a world class service.

Business Insurance
Business Insurance


You need to know who to speak to should a problem arise, and we will make sure you have a direct representative to fight your corner and provide balanced advice.


We only work with insurance partners that are market leaders in their field. Our recommendations will prioritise value for money over cost, ensuring they are tailored to your needs.

Our Fees

The majority of our industry have never disclosed what they earn. We ensure our charges are fair and transparent, aligning the needs of our clients to that of their business. We work on a fixed fee basis, dependent on the complexity of the advice given, rather than taking unrewarded commission.

Active not Reactive

Insurance cannot be reactive. If you look to protect yourself after a problem has arisen, you are either too late, or are vulnerable to claims. We try to stay ahead of the curve to implement cover before any problems arise.


We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. Put quite simply, you should feel like we have everything covered, allowing you to focus on your business objectives.