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We offer advice tailored to help you achieve your objectives.

DB Wood are a Financial Planning, Investment Management and Risk Advisory business. We are founded on relationships and trust, employing a team that share in the same values and culture.


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Investment Management

Intuitive investing means having the ability to understand investment markets without over complication, in a logical and sensible manner. The robust nature of our process has resulted in a range of portfolios that are designed to achieve different return outcomes for given levels of risk. They offer protection when times are tough and embrace opportunity when it presents itself. Quite simply, the portfolios are designed to find strength when they need it most, performing at their best when markets fall around them.

Our intuitive understanding of clients’ needs is central to every element of our approach. To that end, the Portfolios reflect the collective objectives of our client base, with capital preservation and financial security at the forefront of everything we do.

We offer our clients both Discretionary and Advisory Investment Management Services, either in isolation, or as part of their financial planning solution. Our six portfolios provide access to a sustainable investment solution for all risk levels and are managed diligently by our in-house Investment Committee.

For more information on our investment services, why not read our brochure?

Investment Management
Investment Management

Risk and Capital


A focus on capital preservation exists at the heart of our investment process. Accordingly, we have a conservative investment approach where we look to limit the downside risk of our portfolios.

Long Term


We aim to identify areas of the market that are showing the greatest value, thus ensuring wealth is grown over the longer term. These asset allocation views are crucial to producing sustainable returns.

Conviction Led


Through extensive in-house research, our Investment Committee aims to identify the top performing funds of tomorrow.  These are then used to gain exposure to the areas of the market where we have identified value.



Through efficient diversification it is possible to greatly reduce portfolio risk. We diversify across asset classes, sectors, geographical locations and investment styles.



Our investment decisions are taken with a rolling five year time horizon. That said, we are not oblivious to shorter term market behaviour and employ a tactical overlay which is regularly reviewed. This allows us to take advantage of short term market trends.