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DFM Area

How we help.

We offer advice tailored to help you achieve your goals.

With a great deal of experience at our core, we offer our clients a team of Investment Professionals, Financial and Risk Planners, and technical support staff who are experienced and qualified to industry specific standards.

We were referred to DB Wood in 2005 by close friends. At that time we were both working full time with the NHS. We had a reasonable sum of cash savings, and a number of years of pension scheme membership, however, we had two main concerns…

Firstly, given the assets we had, we couldn’t see how we would be able to provide ourselves with an adequate income in retirement. We just didn’t know how to organise our finances as we approached retirement, and how to then create an income.

Secondly, we both wanted to reduce our working hours into retirement, not to just retire completely. How could we achieve this from our current position? DB Wood rationalised our finances, analysed our pension scheme history, and gave us a report on what was feasible, and how we could achieve our objectives.

They outlined a clear plan which involved restructuring our cash holdings into more tax efficient investments. Importantly they gave us the confidence and the visibility that we could achieve our objectives.

In terms of where we are now, my husband has now fully retired, and I am working two days per week. I can retire when I feel I am ready, which is comforting in itself. We also have the confidence to enjoy our money, as we have a clear understanding of how our money works. In short, how would I describe DB Wood? They build confidence, through their clarity and the creation and success of their planning steps, which have helped us achieve our goals so far!

When my father died in 2002, I was referred to DB Wood by our accountant. We had a successful family business, and as a result of Dads passing, should my mother die, her estate would have been faced with a large inheritance tax liability. In addition to this we had a range of investments we didn’t really understand…

DB Wood listened to our concerns and our needs, and devised a plan for the reduction of the Inheritance tax liability, whilst also providing mum with an income for the remainder of her life.13 years later, through a combination of trusts, my mother’s estate is now exempt from inheritance tax, and Mum has had access to some of the capital as well as enjoying an income from the trusts we set up.

DB Wood set out a medium to long term plan which is still regularly reviewed as legislation changes. Their advice did not provide an immediate solution, but their initial planning has been proven to be very valuable.

After many years of working as a Global Project Manager, I was referred to DB Wood when I was made redundant in 2013. The redundancy was a shock for me as I was not prepared for retirement; financially I needed to continue to work. Upon consultation with DB Wood, we looked at my entire financial position, together with my future aspirations both from a work and a pleasure perspective!

I always wanted to run my own business. DB Wood gave me the confidence to set up my company. The advice they gave me in relation to the redundancy and pension scheme package offered by my employer, and the forward planning they did around how I could most effectively use these assets to maximise the efficiency of my new business has proved invaluable in terms of tax efficiencies.

It has also given me the confidence to move forward in what was quite a culture change for me. The next step is to plan into full retirement, though I am enjoying my work so much, my financial plan currently involves me working at least three days a week for the foreseeable future.

We were referred to DB Wood by a professional connection. As a SMB building and maintenance contractor, we had a number of policies with different terms, and if being honest, were finding everything quite confusing.

DB Wood undertook a full Risk Management review. They came from a different angle to the insurance brokers we had worked with before, focussing on understanding our business, what we do and how we do it first and foremost. From this they produced a suite of recommendations that not only covered and managed our risks, but complemented each other at the same time.

They identified that we were at risk from Employers Liability claims, and by enacting a Group Personal Accident & Travel policy we could greatly reduce our exposure. In fact, the policy allows us to pay our employees following an accident (24hrs a day, 365 days a year) without any cost implications to the business.


Our understanding of online security was little to none. DB Wood implemented a Cyber Crime policy to protect against what seems to be an increasingly important aspect of any business. Moreover, having recently dealt with VAT Investigation and a Wrongful Dismissal Tribunal, both of which were extremely expensive to the business, they recommended a comprehensive Management Liability package.

The policies were free of hidden charges and unclear exclusions, warranties and conditions. It was also made clear what DB Wood would earn from this relationship, which was a breath of fresh air given that often this information is not forthcoming. We can now rest assured that we are being looked after properly, always having the support of their claims service should anything go wrong.