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Our Services.

We offer advice tailored to help you achieve your objectives.

DB Wood are a Financial Planning, Investment Management and Risk Advisory business. We are founded on relationships and trust, employing a team that share in the same values and culture.


We want you to enjoy the opportunities that your money provides you with.

Everyone worries about money, what the future may hold and the decisions and choices that they face.  Often clients will come to us with a specific need, yet few realise that there are many underlying issues that prevent them from reaching their goals. Financial planning can install confidence and provide clarity on these issues.  By focussing and realising your objectives, it can give you the control and flexibility to achieve them.

We also offer the comfort that you are working with a professional team, who intimately understands your family’s circumstances and goals, and who will monitor your finances over time.  We can help you by removing the stress of managing your goals and the tough decisions that you will inevitably face along the way. 

For more information on our financial planning services, why not read our brochure?

Financial Planning
Financial Planning



Money touches just about every aspect of your life, so spending time getting to know you personally is of much, if not greater importance than knowing your financial situation. You do the talking, we do the listening.



We understand the emotional and behavioural side of money and how this affects our clients’ lives. By listening and understanding your aims and ambitions, we can objectively address the issues that are key to realising your goals.



Once we completely understand your goals and objectives, we can then design a plan that is personal to you. Your plan will focus on your aspirations and what actions need to be undertaken to achieve them.



Goals can sometimes be indeterminable, and in many cases some are more achievable than others. By creating a visual map of where you want to get to, we will then work with you to prioritise these and develop a plan to meet them accordingly.



Goals, legislation, life and many other things change over time. We work with you to see you through all of these changes. Regular time spent with you ensures your plan stays on track and avoids the unexpected.