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Our Services.

We offer advice tailored to help you achieve your objectives.

DB Wood are a Financial Planning, Investment Management and Risk Advisory business. We are founded on relationships and trust, employing a team that share in the same values and culture.

Expert advice for companies and their decision makers

Our Business Planning team work with business decision makers to create a beneficial balance between their personal and company finances. Although the businesses we work with are inherently different, the concerns and frustrations of their owners are usually similar. Initially, clients enjoy the short-term benefits of our tax planning (legally reducing the burden on both the company and the people who run it), but as their planning progresses, what they value most is the psychological impact of the succession and exit strategy advice they receive.

In short, many clients know how to make their businesses a success, few know how to plan for a successful exit. This can have a huge impact on achieving personal life goals, such as the legacy they leave.
We will guide you through the process; helping to structure and position your business now, for a successful exit in the future.

Business Planning
Business Planning

Tax Planning

Our team utilise tried, tested and perfectly legal methods of reducing your businesses Corporation Tax bills and are always on the lookout for regulation changes that create opportunities, or pose risks to our clients.

Financial Planning

Running a successful business is worthless if your personal financial position falls apart once you exit. Our team of Financial Planners will ensure that your hard work is not wasted, and your retirement goals are met.

Preparation for Sale

Any potential buyer will expect a clean, complete and legally watertight company structure. We will help you to structure and position your business now, for a succesful sale in the future.

Succession Planning

For many clients, sale to a third party is too impersonal. We can put plans in place to help your current employees takeover, so you can spend time personally developing them into the business leaders of tomorrow.

Corporate Investment

Our Very Low Risk Portfolio provides the perfect alternative for your corporate money. By aiming for a modest return higher than cash, with a consistent and predictable journey, it offers a highly accessible solution.