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DFM Area
5 minutes with… Kat Armeanu, Financial Planning Trainee
As part of our blog schedule, periodically we will be providing interesting updates from the wider team at DB Wood. In our first issue we …
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Coronavirus Trumps Brexit – January Update
The world we live in never ceases to surprise us. Reflecting on our New Year’s resolutions we’d be forgiven for thinking that leaving the European …
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Buy to Let Property – A Cautionary Tale…
The trend of buy-to-let landlords selling their properties continues to gather pace. Tax changes, tighter regulations, lending restrictions, you name it, the buy-to-let property sector …
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Quarter 4 2019 Investment Review…
Market Review Q4 2019
After a positive first three quarters, investors were expecting more challenges in Q4. The geopolitical risks surrounding US-China trade negotiations and …
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Review of 2019
It’s been an excellent year at DB Wood on all fronts – here’s a taster of what has been achieved and what you can expect …
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UK General Election; Riches or Ruin?
You might say the lunatics have taken over the asylum. The pattern of Europe’s elections has seen old elites buffeted and battered by populist movements. …
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Is Decumulation Even A Word?…
As we progress through the early stages of our working lives, our focus is on savings or the ‘accumulation’ of money, things and experiences.  In …
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UK Election: Prepare to Vote
“It may be good to hold some of that cash back Edward. If Corbyn gets in, the markets will crash” said a pretentious, assured gentleman …
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Investment Review Quarter 3 2019
Market Review 
After a strong first half of the year, we doubted whether investment markets could continue their upward trajectory across the summer months. Resolutions …
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Workforce Revolution
The world of financial planning is fascinating. We are privileged to be directly involved with client’s objectives, hopes, and fears. However, as the world we …
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