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Investment Review Quarter 3 2017
Market Review of Quarter Three
The summer of 2017 may be remembered as a turning point in this economic cycle. After a decade of pumping …
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An Intern’s Final Week
As I arrived at the DB Wood office on my first day, I was still in disbelief that I had been successful in the selection …
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Up, Up and Away…
So who are the world’s three biggest spenders on defence these days? That’s right – the US, China and… Premier League football clubs.
The 2017/18 …
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DB Wood’s Annual Static Bike Ride
It’s been a week since our annual Static Bike Ride and the moans about thigh aches and pains from our team have finally begun to …
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Tax Returns: The Present & Future
Following the Spring Budget, Philip Hammond revealed his policy to reduce the relatively new dividend tax allowance from £5,000 to just £2,000 as of April …
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Wants vs. Needs
Human psychology has always fascinated me. It’s one of the main reasons I find myself in a client-facing role. I really enjoy the variety of …
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Investment Review Quarter 2 2017
Market Review of Quarter Two
After a strong start to the year, global stock market momentum faltered through Q2. Without substance, initially the rally continued, …
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DB News – June 2017
If you were wandering around Newark last July, you might recall images of crowds gathered, distant jingles from money buckets, and the occasional “C’mon mate, …
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Dumbing down investments
The investment industry is terrible at making things simple. It likes to hide behind jargon and phraseology, aiming to confuse and amaze. It makes the …
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Uncertainty to follow, whatever the outcome…
As we sit 6 days away from the UK General election, one could be forgiven for thinking back to last June’s Brexit vote. At 10pm …
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