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Workforce Revolution

The world of financial planning is fascinating. We are privileged to be directly involved with client’s objectives, hopes, and fears. However, as the world we live in continues to evolve, we must remain open to new ideas. We see change not just across institutions and cultures, but also through improving…

Ashley Brooks

27th September, 2019

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Children Learn, Adults Work and Old People Rest…. Or do they?

In the classic three-stage model of life’s cycle; children learn, adults work and old people rest. As a result, most institutions still treat 65 as a cut-off point for social and economic usefulness, and the State start seeing people as a financial burden rather than an asset. There…

DB Wood Team

26th January, 2018

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Wants vs. Needs

Human psychology has always fascinated me. It’s one of the main reasons I find myself in a client-facing role. I really enjoy the variety of interaction with clients and colleagues. I consider it both an honour and a privilege to be partly responsible for one of the most…


28th July, 2017

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Life is a journey…

I am currently down under enjoying my career break (what an enlightening employer DB Wood are encouraging career breaks). Mind you, I have been working for 46 years in the Financial Services industry albeit for just less than 4 years with DB Wood, and the ultimate…

Bernard Gallimore

25th February, 2016