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Investment Review Quarter 1 2018

Market Review The first two weeks of 2018 saw a continuation of steady growth within investment markets. Although many of these markets were trading near to or at all-time highs, economic data still appeared relatively supportive of further growth. However, history has taught us to be…

The Investment Committee

6th April, 2018

Risk Perspectives

The Night Watcher – The Movie

Over the years there has been a steady stream of blockbuster movies based on the world of crime, organised or otherwise.  Many of the biggest films to date are based on real life events.  For example, the movie Goodfellas starring Robert De Niro and Ray Liotta is based…

Andrew Thomas

22nd March, 2018

Risk Perspectives

A letter from 2067…

This is a letter sent back from the future by an advanced digital being. Dear Debbie Wood, This email finds you via a manipulation of space -time from far in the future. I am writing to warn you about the growing…

Alex Chappell

19th May, 2017

Risk Perspectives

Cyber Crime: How to Protect Your Business

In what was one of the best moments ever caught on the big screen, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid epitomise why cyber insurance should be taken more seriously… They always get away right… Butch and Sundance? Maybe not this time. After…


29th July, 2016

Risk Perspectives

What are the odds…

 “Football match cancelled because fake bomb is accidentally left by training company 20 minutes before kick-off”? It sounds like something that’s only printed on 1st April before 12 noon. Strange sequences of events happen more than you expect, and not many are stranger than…


27th May, 2016