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10 Years On…

When we launched our range of five model portfolios on 1st March 2008, we didn’t quite know it yet, but one of the deepest financial crises in modern history was ensuing. At the market open, the FTSE 100 index priced at 5,884 but markets were firmly in panic…

Ashley Brooks

9th March, 2018

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Children Learn, Adults Work and Old People Rest…. Or do they?

In the classic three-stage model of life’s cycle; children learn, adults work and old people rest. As a result, most institutions still treat 65 as a cut-off point for social and economic usefulness, and the State start seeing people as a financial burden rather than an asset. There…

DB Wood Team

26th January, 2018

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Investment Review Quarter 4 2017

Market Review of Quarter Four A strong start, a flat middle and a buoyant finish – the three distinct phases that characterised investment markets in 2017. The main stock markets started the year on the front foot, led by Europe and Emerging Markets. The…

Ashley Brooks

12th January, 2018

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Wants vs. Needs

Human psychology has always fascinated me. It’s one of the main reasons I find myself in a client-facing role. I really enjoy the variety of interaction with clients and colleagues. I consider it both an honour and a privilege to be partly responsible for one of the most…


28th July, 2017

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An increasingly expensive drive to work…

A forty-minute commute to work doesn’t float many people’s boats. Personally though, I find it gives me some down time. When I’m not analysing how bad my backhand was the night before, my mind often tries to make sense of changes in the investment world. So it’s not…

Alex Chappell

10th March, 2017

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Budget 2016 – The Key Financial Planning Takeaways

It’s business as usual for pension saving as the Chancellor confirmed there will be no imminent changes to pension tax relief. The introduction of the new Lifetime ISA (LISA) savings vehicle from April 2017 adds another attractive, complementary option to the saving landscape. Taken together with…

Technical Solutions

17th March, 2016