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Investment Review Quarter 1 2018

Market Review The first two weeks of 2018 saw a continuation of steady growth within investment markets. Although many of these markets were trading near to or at all-time highs, economic data still appeared relatively supportive of further growth. However, history has taught us to be…

The Investment Committee

6th April, 2018

IC Insights

Love at first sight… can sometimes have a nasty bite!

The bitcoin journey quite aptly characterises the early stages of a failed relationship. Dave Sheep is just a normal guy… good looking, mid-20s, athletic build with an infrequent interest in investments. He’s in town one day, just picking up a few bits when he walks into a shop…

Alex Chappell

9th February, 2018

IC Insights

Investment Review Quarter 3 2016

Market Review of Quarter 3 After a volatile start to the year, investors were hoping for some consistency over the summer months, if only to take a breath and take in all of the change.  Markets had absorbed the Brexit vote and Greece, China and the oil price…

Ashley Brooks

11th October, 2016

IC Insights

IC Quick Response: “Just Turbulence, Not a Crash”

In a response to current market conditions, this note is written with the purpose of reassuring and reaffirming the positioning of your investments. You will no doubt be reading that markets have started the year in a negative fashion, but please rest assured that we have been managing…

Ashley Brooks

21st January, 2016