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Deal, or No Deal?

Negotiations with the EU nearly always go to the wire. The Brexit process has followed the same predictable pattern of huffing and puffing, though it remains possible that a last-minute compromise will emerge. After all, it always does, right? To start, it’s important to remember that, from an economic perspective,…


17th September, 2020

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Brexit – Should We Worry?…

As the Brexit deadline day (29th March 2019) looms ever closer, there is still little certainty as to what the outcome of the negotiations will be; will Theresa May be able to execute the perfect deal, or will she fall short and end up with a deal similar…

DB Wood Team

14th September, 2018

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Investment Review Quarter 3 2017

Market Review of Quarter Three The summer of 2017 may be remembered as a turning point in this economic cycle. After a decade of pumping money into developed economies, Central Banks look to have put that policy in their rear-view mirror, signalling that interest rate hikes…

Ashley Brooks

13th October, 2017

IC Insights

Investment Review Quarter 3 2016

Market Review of Quarter 3 After a volatile start to the year, investors were hoping for some consistency over the summer months, if only to take a breath and take in all of the change.  Markets had absorbed the Brexit vote and Greece, China and the oil price…

Ashley Brooks

11th October, 2016

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IC Quick Response: Preparing for ‘Brexit’…

With just days to go before the UK votes on its relationship with the European Union, we argue it’s important to remain grounded and not get too flustered by the noise. At no point in the lead up to the referendum have the polls indicated a closer battle…

Ashley Brooks

20th June, 2016

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Brexit: What it could mean for the economy and financial markets

Founded in 1993 under its current name, but with origins stemming back to the 50’s, the EU is a union of 28 member states with an estimated population of 508 million people. It’s a means to share people, policy and economic prosperity, and one in which each member…

Alex Chappell

18th March, 2016