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Quarter 4 2020 Investment Update

Market Review We approached Q4 with cautious optimism. First the caution; political noise was bound to increase around Brexit and the US election, with neither seeming likely to pass quietly. We were also due to receive some of the most important clinical trial results in history.

The Investment Committee

8th January, 2021

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A Review of 2020…

It is difficult to know where to start this year, however the declaration of have a ‘Happy New Year!’ will have more meaning this year than in many other years, given the context of where we have all been during 2020! Whilst it has been a…

Ashley Brooks

23rd December, 2020

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November Performance Update…

As most of us hoped and felt was likely, November was the month when we received positive vaccine news. In our last performance update we wrote about how quickly the mood music for investment markets could change on the back of this positive step forward. So far in 2020, there…

DB Wood Team

4th December, 2020

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Small margins count… welcome to Dynamic Planning, powered by DBW

Without stating the obvious, it is clear that our main goal as investment managers is to ensure our returns meet our client objectives. In other words, to ensure that they help our clients live the lives they want to live. Sounds a little cheesy, we know, but ultimately…

DB Wood Team

27th November, 2020

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October Performance Update…

After six straight months of positive portfolio returns, October looked to be inevitably more challenging. The political world has seldom faced more pressure in such a short space of time, with Brexit negotiations and US election campaigns seeming like drips in the ocean compared to our wider global…

The Investment Committee

4th November, 2020

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NS&I Savings Rates Slashed Again…

Remember when the Santander 1,2,3 account launched? The ‘3’ stood for 3% interest (on savings of up to £20,000) … a very good low risk return. That’s not to be mistaken for “no risk” as every investment decision carries some risk, and for cash that comes in the…

Alex Chappell

16th October, 2020

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Quarter 3 2020 Investment Review

Market Review We’ve all quickly become accustomed to disruption and volatility. Before Q3 had begun, this year had already encompassed the quickest 30% market fall, and the fastest 50-day rally, in market history. As economies continued to re-open over the summer, the corresponding economic recovery started…

The Investment Committee

2nd October, 2020

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Deal, or No Deal?

Negotiations with the EU nearly always go to the wire. The Brexit process has followed the same predictable pattern of huffing and puffing, though it remains possible that a last-minute compromise will emerge. After all, it always does, right? To start, it’s important to remember that, from an economic perspective,…


17th September, 2020

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August Performance Update

The eighth month of the year is usually calm and collected, as investors seek to break away for the holiday season to absorb the main trends from the year so far. That’s not too difficult in 2020 – we have an economically crippling virus, policymakers are supporting things…

The Investment Committee

4th September, 2020

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The New Office World…

The relaxation of lockdown rules has seen around half of our 30 strong team return to our office in Newark. A small handful are working part of the week from the office and part at home, and around 40% continue to work from their homes, though this number…

DB Wood Team

21st August, 2020

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