Rhiannon Sanders

10th February, 2017

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In the long run…

I’ve been running on and off for about 10 years now. It started as a way to keep fit and that still plays a part in why I run. I’m no Mo Farrah that’s for sure, but I have improved over the years which is great.

What I really like about running, and why it’s something I always come back to, after interjections of spinning, gym workouts, home workouts etc, is that it’s the time on my own in the fresh air, where I can have a think about things. ‘Things’ can be anything topical such as ‘will Trump last a full term’ or something far more pressing like ‘what will we have for tea tonight’. I’m sure you get my drift?

So, last Sunday morning, I started out in the usual fashion and my mind quickly came around to the fact that this would be the last run of my 30s. The big 4-0 was looming in just a few days. I hated the thought of turning 30 all those years ago, however, on reflection I have really enjoyed this period of my life.  Given this, you’d think I’d not be fussed about this next milestone, but I was dreading it.  If only time would stand still!

So, to bring myself round to rational thinking and refrain from reaching for the purple rinse just yet, as I ran, I tried to think of all the things that have happened over the last decade and what I might look forward to in my new grown up 40 something state. Life can feel a bit same old same old can’t it as the week’s whizz by?  Often you wonder what on earth you’ve been doing and exactly what you’ve achieved. Its only when reviewing a longer time horizon, that you soon realise a lot can happen in 10 years! I certainly surprised myself as I looked back…..babies, marriage, house move etc. A lot of great things have happened along with a few very sad things too. When I turned 30 did I realise all this would happen? Did I plan for any of it or did it all just happen?

There are some things in life you can’t control – the fortunes of the team you passionately support, redundancy or contracting an illness are obvious ones, however, there are some aspirations in life that, with a bit of planning can be achieved. 

Often the hardest part of a plan can be understanding what you want in the future, as we tend to focus on the here and now. Also, difficult questions may need to be faced to get the best plan for you, but to make life easier and less stressful in the future; planning is key. Once the goals are set a plan can be born. For me, my goals involve giving our boys a secure and happy start in life, then enjoy watching them grow and develop. I’d like to maintain my health and fitness, travel more and move further afield perhaps. So that’s my plan for the next 10 years, then planning for the longer term now, I’d love to know if I will have enough money to enjoy my retirement and at what age I will be able to take my foot off the gas.

We know that money doesn’t buy happiness, however, we also know that some of these goals require money as well as time to achieve them, and as far as I know money trees haven’t been invented yet. What isn’t so obvious though: how much money I’ll need to achieve these goals, how much I need to save and what return I need to get there? Knowing how and where to invest and how much risk to take, is another key part to the puzzle. At DB Wood we love a good plan. Having worked within the technical team for over 15 years at DB Wood, I am fortunate enough to be able to engage with client plans and to watch them develop to fruition. This is without doubt one of the most satisfying parts of my work. If you haven’t already spoken with our consultants about a financial plan, or have one and would like it reviewing do get in touch; we’d love to help.

For me, I’m off to look through some travel brochures now. I may investigate doing a half marathon abroad, combining two of my objectives into one! Until next time, adios!