Ashley Brooks

21st May, 2021

DB News

Hands, Face and Office Space…

Maybe a return to life as we (used to) know it…

I am sure as a collective we are looking forward to life reverting back to how we remember it. Despite the obvious hardship that has ensued for many, there will be aspects from the COVID period that we’ve all enjoyed, whether that’s more time at home, or the quieter roads. Rest assured it’s unlikely that COVID will completely disappear, chances are it will be hanging around in some shape or form moving forwards, though thanks to the wonders of some brilliant scientists, it poses less of a significant threat to life. As we look forward, considering our experiences, it will be fascinating to see what lessons from the COVID period we might put into practice in the years ahead.

At DB Wood our plans are in place to reopen our office to all the team and clients from 21st June.  It is an exciting prospect. Our younger cohort have progressively become more excitable around the return to normality. We have had the great pleasure in developing a talented and driven team of boys and girls over the last decade or so, and their eagerness to venture forth and socialise is measurable (by excitable conversation audible levels). This in itself is refreshing and is absolutely understandable.

We have been fortunate enough to continue to grow our business over the last year or so, with a record intake into our portfolios in the first quarter of this year. We have added to our team numbers to maintain and improve our client service levels, and we have introduced a new client cashflow system that will provide stimulating, thought-provoking scenarios to which we hope will help shape the years ahead for our clients and their families.

So as always, we are working on improvements and we are excited about the future, though our utmost concern is the wellbeing of everyone in the business. After all, a happy workforce is a productive one. I have to say that working from home has become a little frustrating for the vast majority over time, even if it has been absolutely necessary to contain the spread of the virus. In our business we have missed that spark of energy often created by team discussions and the brainstorming that helps achieve great outcomes. I recall reading a blog published in the Financial Times headed up “GBBO (Get Back or Bugger Off)”.

The dialogue went on to say that absence from the office would be considered in this year’s performance review – the author meaning it could be a signal that relevant persons are independent, risk-conscious self-starters. Of course, the moral of the COVID story is that one solution alone will not work for everyone and therefore developing an adaptable flexible approach that aims to meet everyone’s objectives, is really the only way forward. As ever, our good friends ‘Monitor’ and ‘Evaluate’ should continue to drive the effectiveness of any forward plan.

I would like to thank our wonderful team at DB Wood who have continued to apply the same high levels of hard work and good humour whatever the circumstance. I think the highest levels of exasperation were seen in those with the least stable internet connection who struggled to enjoy the Christmas party of 2020 – let’s hope there is no return there. In addition, it will be great to finally dispose of our Operations team devised ‘COVID-toolbelt’ —a Velcro-secured holster for masks, wipes, gloves, a trigger-action disinfectant spray-gun, and a roll of self-designed “Clean Machine” stickers for application to freshly douched laptops, tablets, and phones. So, here’s to the new roadmap continuing to unwind, after all everyone needs a sustainable plan for the future, mixed with a good measure of hope and optimism. In the meanwhile, stay well and remember: Hands, Face and a return to normal office space…fingers crossed!

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