6th November, 2015

Risk Perspectives

Cyber Security on the rise…

Last week’s cyber-attack on UK telecoms provider TalkTalk has once again highlighted the critical importance of Cyber Security.

Cyber attackers aren’t just interested in large, multinational companies. Small and medium sized enterprises are also coming under increasing threat.  An example of this is the Scottish hairdressing firm Ellen Conlin Hair & Beauty who were forced to pay a ransom to hackers earlier this month.  These high-profile attacks underline how important it is for businesses in all sectors, and indeed of all sizes, to take their cyber security far more seriously.

Google and McAfee estimate there are c.2,000 cyber-attacks every day around the world, costing the global economy about £300bn. Last year alone 600,000 UK customer details were stolen.

As the digital world continues to grow, so does the risk of cyber-attacks.  From hacking and malicious attacks, to stolen laptops and data, criminals are attacking indiscriminately. Moreover, online attacks are only part of the problem, since system failure and employee negligence have an equally damaging impact on businesses.  

With this in mind DB Wood are working with our partners to offer a product which helps protect your business against this increasing threat. If your business depends on having an online service portal for customers, shares data with suppliers, contractors or IT service providers (including cloud providers), or allows employees to use their own devices to access and store company information, please contact the Risk Department at DB Wood.