7th November, 2015

DB News

An Intern’s View…

During the summer, I completed an eight week internship with DB Wood after successfully making it through their rigorous selection process back in June.  Having already completed numerous stints of work experience in the past, I was well aware of the ‘work hard, play hard’ culture that exists within DB Wood and was able to get stuck-in from the word go.

I’m currently studying Business Finance at Nottingham Trent University and having completed a year’s work experience in London, will be commencing my fourth year in October.  When asked to compare my year in London to my time at DB Wood; I have been overwhelmed by the level of fight, tenacity and loyalty inherent within every member of the DB Wood team. They operate with an equal level of commitment, without the inefficiencies that persist within the larger, London based firm. Above all, their client focus and inter-team cohesion have impressed me the most.

The highlight for me has to be the time spent working with the Investment Committee to further understand the way they operate, and form part of their extensive process.  The outstanding results and seemingly unstoppable nature of the six portfolios speaks volumes of the time invested by every member of the committee and the wide range of research techniques used.  As someone with a keen economic interest, DB Wood’s ability to ‘protect the down-side’ whilst still achieving substantial returns when markets are up has seriously impressed me.

Outside of the office, the camaraderie continues!  Team events such as the DB Wood Olympics and a team entry to the ‘Mo-Run 2015’ at Wollaton Park help to raise spirits and add another dimension to the office atmosphere.

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here.  I am grateful for the opportunity and hope to be back soon.